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Gutters, Fascia, & Soffits

Varying aspects of your home’s roofline, pitch, overhang, fascia, and valleys all need to be taken into consideration when a gutter installation is designed and performed on your home. Our installers will evaluate your home and plan the best gutter installation that best fits your needs. 

Whys Are Gutters Important?

They Protect Your foundation

They Prevent Mold & Mildew

Prevent Basement Flooding

Gutters control the water that hits your roof, directing it into a single flow that moves away from your house. Without gutters, it’s possible that water runoff will build up around your home, getting into your foundation and causing water damage over time. Gutters are not able to move water away effectively unless they’re frequently cleaned—and damaged gutters can actually cause more damage than not having gutters at all because they can cause water to pool along your roof.


In addition to moving water away, gutters can also help to prevent erosion by controlling water runoff. This protects any landscaping that’s around a property, though, understandably, if there is no landscaping around the property it may not be as significant an issue.

What Does The Fascia Do?

It Supports The Shingles

It Helps Keep Out Moisture

Allows For Proper Ventilation

Homeowners are often not aware of what a fascia is or does. Put simply, a fascia is a board that runs along the lower edge of a roof. You’ll find it often installed on the edge of eaves where it aids in holding up the last layer of shingles on the roof.

What does roof fascia do? Not only does it support the lower layer of shingles, but also supports the gutters around your house. This is important and a big job. Just imagine the amount of weight a heavy rain puts on your gutters. Similar to any other part of your home, the fascia needs attention and maintenance over time. Taking care of the fascia can also help protect your roof and the contents of your home.

How Are Soffits Useful?

They Protect The Rafters

They Keep The Attic Dry

They Allow Air To Circulate

Soffit serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose for a building’s roofing system.  It’s the skin that covers your eaves — without it, you would see your rafter beams fully exposed. Cover it up with soffit, in the style and color that you like, and you add some instant and easy character to your building.

Functionally speaking, soffit protects your rafters from the weather elements. If your rafters are exposed in any areas, you’ll likely have mold buildup and rotting beams to replace.

Which definitely won’t make for a fun (or cheap) Spring. Plus, mold in a home is never healthy.

Also, soffit helps your building breathe.  With vented soffit, air can flow through the vents to provide regular air circulation to your attic. Air flow is tremendously important for your entire home.  If you have lanced style vents (like the vented soffit we offer our customers) you can achieve proper air flow while limiting the moisture that can enter through the vents.